EcoTouch® Flame Spread 25

EcoTouch Flame Spread-25
Owens Corning® EcoTouch® Flame Spread 25 Fiberglas™ Insulation is a preformed, flexible blanket insulation. It is produced in R-values from 13 to 38, at thickness from 3.5 to 12 inches. t is available with either a FSK (foil-scrim-kraft) or PSK (poly-scrim-kraft) facing; both of which act as vapor retarders and provide a neat, finished appearance.


  • Steel Framed
  • Wood Frameds
  • Concrete Masonry Unit


  • Acoustic Properties
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Durability
  • Easy Installation
  • Biobased and Renewable
  • Moisture Management