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Rockwool Insulation Products

Insulation products based on innovative stone wool technology. Stone is the core raw material and the bedrock on which Rockwool is based. It is naturally resilient and essentially inexhaustible as the earth makes 38,000 times more rock every year (through volcanic and oceanic activity) than they use to make stone wool.


COMFORTBATT® A stone wool insulation product for use in wood and steel framing


TOPROCK® DD is a high-density uncoated stone wool insulation board for low-slope roof applications. TOPROCK® DD is a suitable substrate board for all low-slope roof decks and is compatible as the substrate for mechanically attached membrane systems.


ROCKWOOL PLUS™ MB is a is a lightweight, non-combustible, semi-rigid mineral wool blanket insulation that is designed for pre-engineered metal building construction where an hourly fire rating is not required.


CONROCK® is a board insulation that is designed specifically for application in a sandwich wall panel system where excellent thermal and fire resistance properties are required. CONROCK® can help achieve 1, 2 and 3 hour fire ratings. As with all ROCKWOOL® products, it has excellent sound dampening properties, is dimensionally stable, vapor permeable and will not encourage the growth of mold.


Fire & Soundproof Insulation ROCKWOOL SAFE‘n’SOUND® is a stone wool insulation product for use in interior wall partitions, floors, and ceilings of residential wood and steel stud construction. It is especially useful when superior fire resistance and acoustical performance are required.


Originally designed for use in sandwich wall panels where fire properties were required, The CONROCK® Series has expanded into a number of thermal and acoustic OEM applications. It is a versatile product line that is engineered to be fabricated to fit a variety of dimensional applications and can be skived, cut, faced and fitted while maintaining its performance and integrity.


ROCKWOOL MULTIFIX™ is the first stone wool insulation product with a mineral-coated fiberglass facer that is compatible with multiple attachment methods including torched, hot-mopped, self-adhered, cold-adhered and liquid systems.


CURTAINROCK® is a lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation board designed specifically for use in curtain wall systems. It is especially suited for backpan or mechanical fastening applications. ROCKWOOL® offers CURTAINROCK®, CURTAINROCK® 40, and CURTAINROCK® 80 to meet a wide variety of curtain wall specifications.


Cavityrock® is a semi-rigid insulation board designed for exterior cavity wall and rainscreen applications. These products offer superior long-term thermal efficiency, fire resistance, moisture control, acoustic performance and are compatible with numerous framing systems and cladding attachment systems. Also available in a black mat facer finish for open-joint cladding systems, Cavityrock® Black combines your insulation install with masking in a single step, reducing installation time and material cost to achieve your desired design aesthetic.


ROCKWOOL Frontrock™ products are semi-rigid dual density and non-combustible stone wool insulation boards engineered to be used in mechanically-fastened exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) designs.


ROCKWOOL AFB® is a lightweight, semi-rigid batt insulation specifically designed for steel stud interior wall and floor applications. Now available for wood stud applications.


FABROCK™ is a product line that has been developed for the purpose of servicing the OEM market. It is a versatile product line that is engineered to be fabricated to fit a variety of dimensional applications. It can be skived, cut, faced and fitted while maintaining its performance and integrity.


COMFORTBOARD™ 110 COMFORTBOARD™ 110 is a rigid, high-density, non-combustible, stone wool insulation board designed for use as an exterior continuous insulation in commercial applications.


COMFORTBOARD™ 80 ROCKWOOL COMFORTBOARD™ 80 is a rigid mineral wool insulation sheathing board that is non-combustible, water-repellent, fire-resistant and sound absorbent. COMFORTBOARD™ 80 is an exterior non-structural insulation sheathing that provides a continuous layer of insulation around the commercial or residential building envelope.


ROXUL SAFE™ ROXUL SAFE™ is a lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation that provides superior fire resistance and sound control. ROXUL SAFE™ is UL and Intertek approved as a forming material for numerous firestop systems. This product is designed to fill perimeter gaps between concrete floor slabs and exterior wall systems, between firewalls and ceiling slabs, and around conduit pipes and duct openings through walls and floor slabs.