Colored Cement Mortars

AMX 405 C & AMX 505 C

Amerimix AMX 405 Colored Portland Cement and Lime Mortar and AMX 505 Colored Masonry Cement Mortar are factory blended with high-quality, finely milled iron oxide pigments certified to meet ASTM C979 Standard Specifications for Pigments in Integrally Colored Concrete.

Available in standard or custom colors to suit unique project requirements, these mortars offer uniform, long-lasting color that runs the entire depth of the mortar joint.

Available in Types N, S and M

Colored Cement Mortars – AMX 405 C Datasheet

Colored Cement Mortars – AMX 505 C Datasheet


  • Custom formulated colors to compliment or contrast brick, block or stone
  • Factory blended under controlled conditions for mix consistency and high bond strength
  • Engineered for superior workability, easy tooling, and long board life
  • Available in 36 standard colors and limitless custom-formulated colors


  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Above and below grade (Type N for above-grade use only)
  • Laying or resetting brick, block and stone