Colored Stucco

AMX 775 C

Amerimix AMX 775 C Colored Stucco a portland-based stucco factory blended with finely-milled pigements to ensure precise, consistent, durable colors in scratch, brown and finish coat applications.

Available in the Eastern U.S. only, AMX 775 C is available in 20 standard colors, and can be customized to match any color.

Appropriate for Scratch, Brown and Finish coat applications.


  • Factory blended for color and mix consistency
  • Finely-milled pigments deliver durable, lasting color
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Superior workability


  • Scratch, brown, and finish coats in projects where colored stucco is desired
  • Excellent for humid coastal applications
  • Over all masonry surfaces or lath
  • For additions, renovations, and new construction