Fiber Base Coat Stucco


Amerimix AMX 750 FBC Fiber Base Coat Stucco is a portland-based factory blend of pozzolan, durable synthetic fibers and proprietary chemical additives designed to increase application flexibility in temperatures as low as 35°F and as high as 120°F.

AMX 750 FBC is also appropriate for use in insulated and non-insulated one coat systems and conventional scratch and brown applications, and in all one-, two- and three-coat systems.

Appropriate for Scratch and Brown coat applications.


  • Approved for use with 1″ to 4″ foam-based continuous insulation applications
  • Able to be used across a wider range of temperatures than traditional stucco – as low as 35°F and as high as 120°F


  • Hot, dry, weather applications where traditional stuccos aren’t suitable
  • Scratch and brown coats in 3-coat systems
  • First coat in 2-coat systems
  • One-coat applications
  • Over continuous insulation from 1″ – 4″
  • Fast track projects where labor savings are desired