Premium Plus Stucco

AMX 715 PP

Amerimix AMX 715 PP Premium Plus Stucco is a portland-based factory blend of sand, cement and proprietary chemical additives that can be hand- or pump-applied in scratch, brown and finish coat applications.

Specifically formulated for maximum flow without the addition of extra water when used with mechanical pumps, AMX 740 PREMIUM reduces the incidence of shrinkage cracks typically associated with pump mixes.

Appropriate for Scratch, Brown and Finish coat applications.


  • Proprietary admixtures enhance pumpability
  • Factory blended under controlled conditions for mix consistency and greater yield
  • Retains more moisture during curing for reduced cracking and effloresence and improved finishing
  • Can be used in IBC and Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire-rated assemblies


  • Scratch, brown and finish coats
  • Ideal for high-volume applications or where water resistance is needed
  • In applications where greater adhesion is needed
  • Anywhere conventional stucco is used