Premium & Pumpable Fiber Base Coat Stucco

AMX 740 Premium

Amerimix AMX 740 PREMIUM Pumpable Fiber Base Coat Stucco is a portland-based, fibered factory blended stucco for scratch and brown stucco applications.

Specifically formulated for maximum flow without the addition of extra water when used with mechanical pumps, AMX 740 PREMIUM reduces the incidence of shrinkage cracks typically associated with pump mixes.

Appropriate for Scratch and Brown coat applications.


  • Factory-blended under controlled conditions for mix consistency
  • Fire rated per IBC assemblies
  • Higher flexural strength and greater impact resistance than standard stucco
  • Reduced cracking and shrinkage


  • Scratch and brown coats in 2- and 3-coat systems
  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Large-scale projects where pumpability is required, including residential, commercial, and institutional/government projects