270 S.I.S. Ladder Eye-Wire with Seismiclip® Interlock System

270 S.I.S. Ladder Eye-Wire with Seismiclip® Interlock System combines the 270 Ladder Style Adjustable Joint Reinforcement with Eyes and 2X-HOOK™ with the Seismiclip® Interlock System (S.I.S.) to reinforce outer wythe.

The compressed leg 2X-HOOK™ has been tested and designed to withstand over 200-lbf, in tension or compression, at maximum allowed offset (ACI 530 of 1-1/4” (disengagement of the pintle from the veneer anchor). These results exceed BIA recommendations and the capabilities of standard “round wire” hooks or pintles by over 100%!


The embedded portion of the 2X-Hook is 3/16”DIA round wire, satisfying the code requirement that the mortar bed thickness (typically 3/8”) must be twice the diameter of the wire.

2X-Hook: U.S. Pat. No. 8,613,175 Test results available upon request.


  • Enhanced Performance: The use of a continuous wire in masonry veneer walls is beneficial in providing additional protection against problems arising from thermal expansion and contraction. It also allows for a more uniform distribution of lateral forces.
  • Seismic Zone Conformance: This system conforms to the requirements of the Uniform Building Code for seismic zones. The code requires anchored veneer walls to have a continuous wire embedded in the mortar joint. The wire is secured to the tie anchor, which is fastened to the supporting structure
  • Projecting eyes are 3-point welded
  • Allows construction of interior wythe in advance of exterior wythe
  • Rectangular pintle acts as a vertically adjustable anchor to bond exterior masonry, while restraining in and out movement
  • Design of pintle serves to mechanically secure insulation to masonry backup
  • Economical. Add the Seismiclip® and Continuous Wire to standard adjustable systems at little additional cost
  • Fabricated in conformance with ASCE/ACI 530 building code requirements for masonry structures and ASTM A 951 (standard specification for masonry joint reinforcing)

  • Reinforcing for interior wythe can be STANDARD WEIGHT (9 ga x 9 ga), EXTRA HEAVY (3/16″ Side Rods x 9 ga Cross Rods) or SUPER HEAVY DUTY (all 3/16″)
  • Eyes and 2X-HOOK™ are 3/16″ dia. standard