DW-10HS® Byna-Lok® Seismic Veneer Anchor

The DW-10HS® with Byna-Lok® is a seismic veneer anchoring system comprised of the high strength brick veneer anchor, DW-10HS®, combined with the Byna-Lok® Wire Tie.

  • New masonry veneer can be anchored to studs, existing masonry, concrete or steel with the Byna-Lok Wire Tie. Various H&B Anchor systems can be fitted with the Byna-Lok Wire Tie, as shown, affording easy and secure insertion of the continuous joint reinforcing wire. Masonry veneer walls are then reinforced with continuous wire.
  • For anchoring brick veneer to metal stud, masonry, concrete or wood backup. (We carry a wide variety of screws for various types of backups.)
  • Primarily for use when there is no insulation and little potential for wallboard deterioration.
  • For insulated walls, or when there is concern about eventual wallboard deterioration, please see our X-SEAL Anchor.


  • 5-1/2″ long has over 3” of vertical adjustability
  • Furnished with 9/32” DIA holes
  • Available in 14 ga. or 12 ga. thick