Masonry Products

Masonry Mortars

SPEC MIX Masonry Mortars are preblended products designed to bond brick, block, stone and veneer masonry units

Colored Mortar

SPEC MIX Colored Mortar uniformity starts with sourcing high quality, stable pigments that are pre-weighed to ensure quality

Construction Products

SPEC MIX Construction Products are engineered to perform even in the toughest environments

Masonry Grouts

SPEC MIX Masonry Grouts are designed to fill cells of concrete masonry units and horizontal bond beams

Paving Mortars

SPEC MIX Paving Mortars are specifically engineered to set natural and manufactured paving units.

Adhered Veneer Mortars

SPEC MIX Adhered Veneer Mortars are designed to bond masonry thin veneer units for interior and exterior installations


SPEC MIX Stucco products are preblended and computer batched for consistency and performance