Waterproofing by Alchemco

Alchemco is the culmination of over 30 years of hard work and superior responses to our customer’s problems. Over the last 30 years we have used many different products and services to solve the problems associated with moisture protection. With the recent addition of technology and manufacturing capabilities Alchemco evolved into becoming a world leader in the moisture and surface protection market.

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TechCrete Line

With nearly 40 years of success, Techcrete has become the new standard for superior quality, unmatched performance, and proven to be the crown jewel of Alchemco. All TechCrete products have been designed to perform at a level that will instill confidence and trust within all of our customers.

To ensure product quality and performance, Alchemco has designed a training and certification program for applicators of TechCrete products. This provides a nationwide system of top-of-the-line applications and guarantees our customers’ structures stay protected and safe for decades to come. Eliminate the stress of existing and future moisture and environmental damage by specifiying and utilizing TechCrete products.

CretePro Line

Alchemco’s CretePro presents you with professional quality waterproofing and surface protection products. Using the same base technology, CretePro produces a competitive line of products that can be installed quickly and easily by professional contractors.

Protect your buildings from the harsh reality of Mother Nature with our complete line of Ultra Waterproofings and Ultra Crack Activators as well as our professional Sealants and Flashings! You can rely on CretePro for quality long-lasting performance. CretePro has been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratory and has been NSF61 certified for water quality. This means CretePro perfectly is safe for use on surfaces that contact drinking water.

ACR Line

Alchemco’s ACR product lines feature a full array of products to restore your surfaces to a beautiful look that is ready for whatever use it was originally intended. ACR’s products are specifically and intentionally designed to be environmentally conscious to keep our world safe for generations!

Our products can clean and etch most any concrete or masonry surface! ACR can also help with converting and preventing rust. And, our concrete repair products help fix and patch problem areas to get them looking and functioning like new!

ACR products are a fantastic partner to our TechCrete, CretePro, GraffitiBlok and ChoiceCote product lines to properly prepare your surfaces prior to applying other maintenance and protective products.