Proglaze ETA 3-D Molded Corners

Proglaze® ETA 3-D Molded Corner Connections are engineered from 40 Durometer Dense Translucent Silicone used for making connections to our ExoAir® Air Barrier Membrane systems with Spectrem® 1 Silicone Sealant. The 3-D molded corners have been designed in such a way so that they may be used to overlap one another or used in conjunction with other Proglaze ETA components to accommodate complex transitions.


  • Proglaze ETA 3-D Molded Corner Connections are designed to facilitate transitions when construction sequencing has the surrounding façade being installed prior to the wall or window system
  • ETA is compatible with and recommended for use with all Tremco ExoAir Air Barrier products
  • Allows complex connections to the wall or window system, which may be recessed or set proud from the plane of the weather barrier surface
  • Field fabrications of saddle-flashings
  • Transitions the weather barrier across seismic drift joints at the heads of punched openings.
    Ability to create a flexible sill pan