Proglaze ETA

Engineered Transition Assembly

Proglaze® ETA is a pre-engineered silicone materials used as a transition assembly between the window or wall system and adjacent air and vapor barrier materials. The assembly is comprised of a flat single or double ribbed silicone extrusion of varying widths, which is adhered to the building façade with Spectrem 1 Silicone Sealant to ensure a durable connection and positive seal. The opposite edge of the ribbed silicone extrusion will span unsupported onto the wall and/or window system, which is adhered with Spectrem 1 Silicone Sealant. This connection will provide a long-term durable flexible connection between the two components.


  • Proglaze ETA is applied as an air and vapor barrier transition assembly for connecting continuously between the window and/or wall openings and the adjacent air and vapor barrier materials
  • It can be used to span and seal across irregular window geometries
  • Proglaze ETA Connections can be used at junctions between other assemblies within the building envelope where spanning of voids is commonplace, such as roof to wall, floor deflection joints, expansion and control joints or any other location where a degree of movement is anticipated