Glazing Tapes

POLYshim II Tape

POLYshim® II Tape is a 100% solids, highly adhesive and elastic, cross-linked butyl preformed tape with a continuous integral EPDM shim

Tremco 440 Tape

Tremco 440 Tape is a 100% solid Polyisobutylene cross-linked butyl, preformed sealant

SGT-900 Series

Tremco SGT-900 Series Structural Glazing Tapes are open-cell, high density polyurethane foam tapes with a micro-cellular structure


VISIONstrip® is a precision-extruded glazing seal consisting of an EPDM rubber extrusion positioned at the sightline with a 100% solids, highly adhesive, cross-linked performed butyl sealant bonded below the rubber extrusion

Tremco ET 675

Tremco ET 675 is a 100% solid, cross-linked preformed (extruded) butyl tape