Willseal 250

Willseal 250 is a pre-compressed, self-expanding foam joint sealant with a traffic grade silicone coating. It is engineered to perform in primary horizontal applications that may be subject to solvents and fuels, such as those found in parking garages, road and bridge joints, and airport runways. Willseal 250, with its silicone cap, provides a primary seal and is waterproof to rain and snow, making it an optimal primary joint. Willseal 250 is specifically designed to provide a maximum seal in structures subject to shear and rapid movement. Willseal 250 is manufactured at the highest levels of quality, and finely engineered to the maximum performance for every joint size.


  • No unbonded laminations
  • Movement: 100% (± 50%) from mean joint size
  • Advanced acrylic impregnation without heavy fillers that reduce performance
  • True tensionless system