Willseal FR-H

Willseal FR-H is designed to be used in horizontal expansion joints by itself, but it can be used behind any other expansion joint cover, plate or filler where joint depth allows. Because it is coated on both sides, it can be placed with either side exposed, adding to the versatility and increasing the aesthetic fireproof sealing options. Willseal FR-H is a second-generation, unified fire rated, sound, energy, and waterproof sealant system. Willseal FR-H is not made of thin, unbonded vertical layers that can delaminate with joint shear or thermal shock. In addition to UL 2079, Willseal FR-H has been independent lab tested to ASTM 330, 331, 283 & 547 for water and air penetration. It has been tested and passes TAS 202/203 requirements for hurricane force exposure.


  • 2 or 3 hr horizontal fire rating in accordance with UL 2079s
  • Movement: 50% (± 25%) or 100% (± 50%) of nominal joint size, depending on the material selecteds
  • Supplied with a silicone coating on one side, both sides, or uncoated for use as a secondary seals
  • Willseal FR-H provides a factory controlled, watertight, clean handling, UV Stable, sound attenuating, energy efficient and fire rated joint seal in a single, unified installation process