Air Barrier Primers

Tremco offers a VOC-compliant adhesive primer

Non-Porous Surface Primers

Primer options include a one-part primer used as an adhesion promoter for urethane sealants and a one-component primer used to enhance adhesion of silicone sealants on non-porous surfaces

Below-Grade Primers

Primer choices include adhesives, porous and non-porous and modified bituminous roofing solutions

Porous Surface Primers

Find solutions for concrete, limestone, plywood and other porous substrates

Epoxy Primers

Epoxy-based primers that connect to Tremco below-grade, urethane coatings and air barrier membranes

Urethane Tie-In-Primers

Primers include epoxy used for connectivity between Tremco below-grade membranes, urethane coatings and air barriers as well as VOC-compliant epoxy-based and one-part, moisture-curing