Vulkem Primer #171

Vulkem® Primer #171 is a quick-drying, one-part, moisture-curing primer that enhances adhesion to concrete, plywood and other porous substrates where Vulkem® urethane sealants, membranes or coatings will be applied. NOT for use in Canada.


  • Porous surfaces, urethane sealants, Vulkem Coating Systems and TREMproof membranes
  • Quick-drying, one-part, moisture-curing primer
  • It is used as an adhesion promoter for Vulkem brand urethane sealants and coatings and TREMproof membranes on porous surfaces such as concrete and wood
  • Apply generously with a clean brush or roller. Do not apply in excess where it will puddle or pond. At 70 °F (21˚C), allow 30 to 45 min for primer to become tacky before applying sealant, coating or membrane
  • Do not allow primer to dry completely. Do not apply sealant or coating if primer becomes hard or glossy
  • If it does, clean with a Tremco approved solvent and coat with Vulkem 191 Primer