Decorative Flashing System

Quick-Cure, Liquid-Applied Flashing based on PUMA technology

TREMproof PUMA Decorative Flashing System is a quick-cure, liquid-applied system based on PUMA technology. Components of the system can be initiated to cure within minutes, even in temperatures below freezing, and has tenacious adhesion to concrete and metal.


  • TREMproof PUMA Decorative Flashing System is designed to be used as a replacement for stainless steel flashing
  • Potential applications include curb-to-curtain wall, curb-to-facade, deck-to-door, balcony slider doors, exposed window flashings and more
  • Polyurethane-methacrylate (PUMA) technology delivers extreme durability and crack-bridging capabilities at critical connection points
  • Significant labor savings vs. stainless steel flashing – no fabrication, bending, overlapping, soldering or open seams – and the ability to handle complex geometries with ease