Vulkem EWS for Traffic Coatings

Decorative Waterproofing

Waterproof Traffic Coating System – Quick Cure Decorative System


The ideal system for stadiums, balconies and pool decks


The ideal system for parking structures, high-wear turn and drive lanes, helical turns, ramps and ticket spitters

Heavy Duty

Designed to have tenacious adhesion and extreme abrasion resistance

Pool Decks

Vulkem EWS offers multiple systems that are ideal for pool decks and splash pads

Vulkem Hybrid Systems

Use Vulkem urethanes for driving lanes and parking stalls for a hybrid solution


A durable solutions for helipads with custom color options

Under Tile

Designed for use under tile, pavers and bonded overburden

Water Features

Superior chlorine resistance makes PUMA technology a perfect fit for fountains and decorative water features