ExoAir Trio

Impregnated, Pre-Compressed Tape for Sealing Joints

ExoAir® Trio is a UV-stable, pre-compressed, self-expanding, flexible joint seal. It is a polyurethane foam that is impregnated with a modified acrylic resin and treated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side for ease of installation. ExoAir Trio also includes an additional layer acting as a vapor retarder. When installed, ExoAir Trio expands into the joint to create a seal that is airtight, thermally efficient and vapor permeable.


  • ExoAir Trio is typically used as a perimeter seal around doors and windows, but can also be used in a variety of other joint applications that require a weathertight, vapor permeable, and thermally-efficient transition
  • ExoAir Trio can be installed onto vinyl, wood, concrete, aluminum, fiberglass, and other typical construction substrates