illmod 600

Pre-Compressed Impregnated Foam Seal for Expansion Joints

illmod® 600 is a UV stable, pre-compressed, self-expanding, flexible, flameresistant joint seal. It is a high-density polyurethane foam that is impregnated with a modified acrylic resin and treated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side for ease of installation. illmod 600 self-expands to fill the joint creating an elastic, vapor-permeable, weathertight seal.


  • Typically used as an exterior or interior joint sealant, illmod 600 can be used as a primary or secondary seal in vertical applications
  • Vertical expansion joints
  • Joints in pre-cast concrete, masonry, and façades
  • Roofing and insulated metal panels
  • Exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS)
  • Primary seal in starter track assemblies for window wall