Associated Products

Dymonic 100

Dymonic® 100 is a high-performance, medium-modulus, low-VOC, UV stable, non-sag polyurethane sealant

Paraseal Paragranular

Paraseal® Paragranular™ is a premium, Wyoming type, high swelling, granular sodium bentonite

Paraseal Paraterm Bar

Paraseal® Paraterm™ Bar is an aluminum alloy especially formulated to exhibit excellent holding power

Paraseal Para JT

Paraseal® Para JT™ is an adhesive joint tape compound formulated with cross-linked polymeric elastomers

Paraseal Paramastic

Paraseal® Paramastic™ an expandable mastic for use with Paraseal waterproofing membrane

Paraseal Permanent Seam Tape

Paraseal® Permanent Seam Tape™ is a rubberized asphalt membrane laminated to a polyethylene reinforcing film

Paraseal Paraboot

Paraseal Paraboots are a series of 60-mil, high-density polyethylene prefabricated covers

Paraseal Parastick ‘n’ Dry

Paraseal® Parastick ‘n’ Dry™ is a laminate of bentonite applied to mesh with a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side

TREMproof TRA Sheeting

TREMproof® TRA Sheeting is a protective waterproofing course that is compounded from a blend of EPDM and SBR thermostat elastomers