Permaquik Crystalline Waterproofing

Capillary Waterproofing Formulation

Permaquik® 200 Crystalline Waterproofing is a capillary waterproofing formulation of proprietary blends of chemicals, quartz sand and cement. The chemicals contained in the crystalline waterproofing materials require the presence of moisture to set off a chemical reaction from within the matrix of the concrete. When combined with “free lime”, these chemicals form long chained complexes, which crystallize and penetrate deeply into the capillaries of the concrete, eliminating the migration of water. Independent tests show penetration up to 2″ (51 mm) in 28 days.


  • Few products in the waterproofing industry offer the total protection to the concrete itself that Permaquik 200 provides. Where moisture is present, there is always the danger of damage not only to the concrete but to the steel as well as interior finishes. No special below-grade protection is necessary
  • Permaquik 200 provides fast, economical waterproofing for foundation walls and floor slabs, suspended or in-ground pools, and protects against spalling due to oil, salt and freeze/thaw action in parking garage floor applications