TREMDrain 6600

Multi-Composite Drainage and Protection Board for Use in Tremco Bonded Systems in High Velocity Wind Zones

TREMDrain® 6600 is a multi-composite prefabricated drainage material and protection board consisting of a formed polypropylene core covered on one side with a high strength, nonwoven needle-punched polypropylene filter fabric that is heat bonded to the core. Heat bonding increases the bond strength of the fabric to the core. The fabric allows water to pass into the drainage core while filtering out extremely fine particulates. The plastic core provides compressive strength and allows high capacity flow to the TREMDrain Total Drain.


  • TREMDrain 6600 can be used with TREMproof 250GC, TREMproof 201/60, TREMproof 260, TREMproof 6100 and all Paraseal® Membranes. TREMDrain 6600 is designed for vertical and selected horizontal installations requiring high compressive strength and high flow capacity
  • TREMDrain 6600 is ideal for use in Tremco bonded systems in high velocity wind zones. Heat bonding the filter fabric to the core provides additional strength in high velocity wind applications. Please contact your local Tremco Sales Representative for project specific applications and recommendations