Quick Set Panel

TREMDrain® QSP (Quick Set Panel) is a three-part prefabricated drainage panel and protection board consisting of a formed perforated polystyrene core covered on dimple side with a nonwoven, needle-punched polypropylene filter fabric along with a breathable crosshatched fabric on the backside. The nonwoven fabric allows water to pass into the drainage core while restricting the movement of soil particles. The plastic core provides a compressive strength and allows the flow of water to the TREMDrain Total Drain System. The crosshatched fabric allows the panel to adhere to the wet tacky membrane and still allows the membrane to cure from the flow of air through the perforated drainage core.


  • TREMDrain QSP is used in conjunction primarily with TREMproof® 250 GC, TREMproof 260, TREMproof 201/60 and Paraseal® Membranes
  • TREMDrain QSP is designed only for vertical application where a fast-tracked application with liquid applied membranes is desired
  • Note: TREMDrain drainage and protection materials are not for use beneath sand-set, vehicular paver applications