Permaphalt Waterproofing System

High-Performance Waterproofing System Under Traffic-Bearing Overlays

Permaphalt™ Waterproofing System is an economical traffic-bearing system designed to provide long-term performance of the waterproofing membrane and a heavy-duty, skid-resistant driving surface. It incorporates a totally monolithic waterproof system with an asphalt surface to provide permanent protection and a durable wearing surface, while reducing required maintenance. Its unique composition also ensures reduced probability of damage from “hard” snow removal equipment. Any damage that does occur is easier to repair utilizing asphaltic patching techniques similar to patching roads.

The system is comprised of TREMproof® 6145 Hot-Applied Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane, TREMprime® WB Primer, Tremco® 2178 Asphaltic Glass-Ply sheeting and 2014 Reinforcing Fabric (Reemay).


  • Permaphalt Waterproofing System is utilized primarily in outdoor, element-exposed parking applications above enclosed spaces
  • These include the top levels of parking facilities, exposed parking areas over occupied space (such as offices, medical facilities, etc.) and other areas where heavy vehicular traffic may be allowed to pass over utilized space and extreme wear, such as from snow removal equipment, may occur