TREMproof 6100

Multi-Layered, Fabric-Reinforced, Hot-Applied, Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane

TREMproof 6100® is a one-part, 100% solids, hot-applied, rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane. TREMproof 6100 can be formulated with up to 25% recycled content. Contact your local Tremco Sales Representative for additional information.


  • TREMproof 6100 is ideally suited for new and remedial waterproofing applications.
    It is applied to horizontal concrete surfaces and is formulated exclusively for application to the top level of structures, including applications such as plaza decks, roof decks and unexposed top-level parking areas
  • EQUIPMENT: Heating of TREMproof 6100 is accomplished utilizing a double-jacketed, oil-bath melter with mechanical agitation, specifically designed for applying non-direct fired hot rubberized asphalt waterproofing membranes. Specific temperatures can be found in the data sheet