TREMproof Triple Waterproofing System (TWS)

TREMproof 260 Sprayed over Paraseal Waterproofing Membranes

TREMproof® Triple Waterproofing System (TWS) is a blindside and underslab triple-layer waterpoofing assembly consisting of 20 mils of HDPE, expandable granular bentonite and a protective layer of spun-bonded polyester, coated with 60 dry mils of polymer-enhanced, liquid-applied asphalt membrane. This durable waterproofing system creates a physical bond to the concrete that eliminates the possibility of lateral water movement between the membrane and the structure. TWS provides superior defense against inclement weather conditions, preventing bentonite hydration prior to concrete placement.


  • Blindside walls (Cast-in-place and shotcrete). Under-slab/below slab on grade. Hydrostatic conditions* *Consult Tremco Technical Services for more information