Reinforcing Materials

Elastomeric Sheeting

Tremco Elastomeric Sheeting is classified as a thermoset material made of highest quality uncured neoprene rubber at a thickness of 60 mils (1.52mm)

Tremco 2011

Tremco® 2011 is an open-weave fabric consisting of glass fiber yarn saturated with synthetic resins

Flashing System (PUMA)

TREMproof® PUMA Flashing System is a quick-cure, liquid-applied system based on PUMA technology

Tremco 2178

Tremco® 2178 Glass Ply Sheet is an asphalt-impregnated fiberglass ply felt marked with laying lines and lightly dusted on one side with a fine mineral parting agent

Reinforcing Fabrics

Spun-bonded polyester fabric consisting of a nonwoven fabric of continuous filament polyester fibers that are randomly arranged

Tremco DualFlex

Tremco DualFlex® is a reinforcing flashing that consists of a central strip of elastomeric SEBS rubber flanked on either side by an absorbent non-woven felt