TREMproof Amphibia

Sheet-Applied Waterproofing Membrane

TREMproof® Amphibia™ waterproofing membrane is self-healing, self-sealing and self-repairing. It has three active layers – a watertight EPDM barrier, an active core with the ability to seal when penetrated and an active barrier which seals the overlap and helps resist lateral movement of water. Also, a non-woven fabric layer promotes the mechanical adhesion of the membrane to the concrete.

TREMproof Amphibia Grip Tape is a double-sided, synthetic rubber composite membrane tape that seals the seam overlaps during installation. This butyl tape bonds strongly to the TREMproof Amphibia membrane, while the fleece facing enhances the tapes ability to adhere to concrete.


  • TREMproof Amphibia waterproofing membrane is designed for use over lagging on blindside walls, below-grade walls, pile caps, grade beams, under slab and buried forms such as elevator pits