Bond -N- Flash Mastic

EcoTouch Certified R Metal Building Insulation
Bond -N- Flash™ Mastic is an all-weather butyl mastic specially formulated to permanently seal all laps, seams and terminations in the application of Bond -N- Flash™ stainless steel membrane flashing.


  • Excellent resistance to weathering, shrinking and cracking
  • Excellent strength and flexibility
  • Resistance to U.V. degradation
  • Withstands a wide range of high heat and extreme cold from -20 degrees F to 200 degrees F
  • Application temperatures are 0 Degrees F to 120 Degrees F
  • Can be painted


May be applied to concrete, brick, stone, metal, wood, PVC, and most plastics and painted surfaces. Used primarily as a secondary seal on horizontal and vertical seams, overlaps, punctures, other terminations such as end dams and protrusions.