Copper Seal Flashing

EcoTouch Certified R Metal Building Insulation
Wire-Bond’s Copper Seal copper fabric flashing is a full, single sheet of 3, 5, or 7oz. copper sheet bonded with a rubber based adhesive between two layers of polymer fabric.

Note: A termination Bar is required for surface-mounted applications.

Asphalt Free


  • Works in all temperatures (-25°F-125°F).
  • Compatible with building envelope air barriers, spray foam insulations and rigid board insulations.
  • Clean and compatible – no asphalt or parting agents.
  • Made of 90% recycled copper.
  • Lighter weight allows longer 60-ft. rolls for fewer lap joints (40′ for 7oz).
  • Compatible with most caulks and sealants; no special flashing mastic needed, polyether sealants are recommended


  • Foundation Sill Flashing.
  • Cavity Wall Flashing.
  • Parapet or Copings.
  • Base flashing.
  • Spandrel flashing.
  • Head and sill flashing.