EPDM Thru-Wall Flashing

EcoTouch Certified R Metal Building Insulation
EPDM thru-wall flashing membrane is a flexible EPDM rubber membrane that forms a moisture retarder in cavity wall construction by redirecting water to a building exterior.


  • Exhibits excellent uniaxial and multiaxial tensile and hydrostatic features, enabling it to withstand typical stresses caused by point loading conditions in a masonry application while maintaining membrane integrity
  • Outstanding expansion and contraction characteristics
  • Highly resistant to masonry chemicals
  • Flexible to -50° F
  • Easy to install/full line of installation accessories
  • Strong resistance to UV & ozone
  • Puncture and tear resistan.
  • Remains flexible even after aging


Nominal Thickness – 40 mils Available widths – 12″, 16″, 18″, 24″, and 36″ Standard length – 50 lf per roll