Ladder Adjustable Double Loop Tie

EcoTouch Certified R Metal Building Insulation
Adjustable Double Loop Tie is a Non-Disengagement System that allows in-plane vertical and horizontal movement of masonry wythes while restraining tension and compression.

Loops welded shut to maintain allowable tolerance and system integrity.
Vertical style loops will not clog with mortar as construction progresses.
Loops extend one direction only to allow simple placement of insulation.
Non-Disengagement System.
100% protection against separation of Wire Tie from reinforcement.
Meets ASCE/ACI 530 building code requirements for masonry structures and ASTM A 951 (standard specification for masonry joint reinforcing).

Ladder Double Loop Tie
Ladder Double Loop Tie (Seismic)


Standard: 9 gauge (.148 in) 9 gauge
Heavy Duty: 3/16″ (.187 in) 9 gauge
Extra Heavy Duty: 3/16″ (.187 in) 3/16″


Hot Dip Galvanized
Stainless Steel