Ladder Adjustable Tab

EcoTouch Certified R Metal Building Insulation
Ladder Style Adjustable Joint Reinforcement with Tabs and Wall Ties.

Tabs are double welded on to side wires to provide maximum strength and durability
Level Tabs make it easier to maintain 3/8″ mortar joint.
Allows use of 3/16″ side rods.
Eliminates weld points that are too thick.
Meets ASCE/ACI 530 building code requirements for masonry structures and ASTM A 951 (standard specification for masonry joint reinforcing).


Standard: 9 gauge (.148 in) 9 gauge
Heavy Duty: 3/16″ (.187 in) 9 gauge
Extra Heavy Duty: 3/16″ (.187 in) 3/16″


Hot Dip Galvanized
Stainless Steel