SureTie Tapcon

EcoTouch Certified R Metal Building Insulation
Tapcon® SureTie (#4530) allows positive contact with concrete or wood. Compression and tension loads in the veneer are transferred to the backup.

The adjustable SureTie triangle (#4510) allows a maximum of 1-1/4″ vertical movement both up and down.

SureTie holds insulation in place, permitting contractors to install 4’x 8′ sheets with ease, saving time and money.

SureTie Tapcon works well with wood stud and concrete backup.

#4590 Thermal Grip Washer:

2″ diameter washer with solid cap design (no keyholes)
Pre-spotting prongs
Stiffened center “Bullseye” ring prevents fastener pull-through
Flexible perimeter compresses on surface and reduces tearing
Flattens on surface of insulation


Blue Climaseal® finish resulted in 0% red rust at 1000 hours exposure to ASTM B-117 salt spray testing.